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Norwegian Society and Norwegian Church Service in D.C.

We have been busy creating our new web site (still at it) and adding social media (twitter) and when we were brainstorming about our new site a while ago, we wanted to find a picture that we would give us a reflection of the two worlds/cultures/countries we are bridging. We realized that it would be very hard to find the perfect picture and needed some help. Enter Liliane Blom, a talented artist with firm roots in Norway and famous here in DC for her artwork, among them, her recent exhibit: “Pink – A Cherry Blossom Fantasy”. She gave us the blended image we were looking for – the panoramic Norwegian mountains blending into the cherry blossoms of our capital. You will find her banner displayed on our new site, in our Facebook group, and on Twitter.

About the Artist              

Liliane Blom is an installation artist as well as a classically trained painter and award winning photographer whose distinct style mixes her love of both media into a new one.  She calls her fusion of painting and photography digital painting.  Her pieces printed on canvas or watercolor paper are later enhanced with oils/pastels and often with gold or silver leaf.  Based in Rockville Maryland of French/Norwegian extraction she is a frequent exhibitor in the Washington, D.C. region.

Liliane Blom’s installation art is interactive and immersive and often environmental in scope.  They are multisensory experiences that engage the viewer with sound/touch and light.  Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder.

Personal and poetic, rhythmic and layered, her work merges the world of sound and vision – the internal with the external. It focuses on borderlines. Those mostly invisible boundaries that separate me from you, us from them, reality from fantasy, childhood from adulthood, life from death and humans from the rest of the natural world.

If you would like to learn more about Liliane, visit her web site:

She has a studio in Rockville, Maryland.

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