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Many people ask about the strategy of the Norwegian Government in relation to the new administration of the United States. Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende (Conservative Party) answer that question in a Press release April 21st 2017: “The future course of Norwegian foreign and security policy”. The Government will intensify European cooperation and redouble its efforts in unstable areas to the south and east of Europe, while maintaining and further developing its transatlantic cooperation. These are some of the main conclusions in the Government’s white paper on Norwegian foreign and security policy. The security situation is difficult. The white paper presents the Government’s views on the course Norway should follow to be as well-equipped as possible to meet today’s challenges. It is in Norway’s interest to maintain the well-established contours of Norwegian security policy. “At the same time, we need to adapt our policy to the new challenges we are encountering in fragile states and in the fight against terrorism,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende said. In the white paper, the Government recommends strengthening existing foreign and security policy tools. “We must maintain and further develop our transatlantic cooperation, pursue a consistent, predictable policy in relation to Russia and continue our strong engagement for an international order based on values that are important to Norway. NATO and the US security guarantee will remain the cornerstone of Norway’s security policy,” said Mr. Brende.

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